Transformational Projects

Over the years, the RGC Fund has been empowering the widest possible variety of organizations, charities, projects and services to grow, prosper and serve the needs of others; not just here in Guelph and Wellington County but, in line with Rotary’s international nature, numerous overseas projects as well. 

We support Health Care and Education…..Seniors Projects and Counselling for Troubled Youth…..Palliative Care…..Therapy for Disabled Children….International Aid Programs……Music…..The Arts…..The Overseas Farm Community……and many other sectors

More than 25 Years of Giving!
The RGC Fund has donated YOUR gifts to support people, projects and services as follows:

Youth and Students   $370,643
Seniors $476,600
Healthcare $297,000
International Development $187,488
Indigenous Communities $25,000
Community Projects $200,200
Grand River Conservation Projects   $500,000
TOTAL $2,060,000

We look forward to supporting many more projects with your help. See how your gift can have twice the impact by clicking on the DONATE link now!