Donate to the RGC Fund

There are numerous ways to contribute to the RGC Fund of the Rotary Club of Guelph Charitable Foundation:

Cash Donations – Please access the DONATE buttons throughout this site. All payments are administered through Canada Helps and are completely secure and confidential. Receipts will be issued for income tax purposes. Donate online NOW!

Wills and Estates - Please speak to your lawyer and/or financial advisor about bequeathing to the RGC Fund and one of our volunteers will work with the Advisor to help that take place privately and effectively.

Transfer of Equities  - You may choose to transfer equities in your portfolio to the RGC Fund, an increasingly popular way to make sustainable donations to a cause you wish to support.

Insurance Policies – Many people choose to make the RGC Fund a beneficiary of an insurance policy. Please discuss this with your advisors and we will be honored to assist you.

In Memoriam Gifts – You may choose to request recognition of a loved one or friend with an In Memoriam Gift to the RGC Fund, which can be done through all Guelph funeral homes.

Living Legacies – You may choose to sponsor a project through your estate and see it realized while you are still living. The RGC Fund will fund the project NOW as your Living Legacy.

For more information, please write to Bill Stevens, Treasurer, Board of Directors at or call Bill at 519.824.9912



Every gift you give – is doubled!

The RGC Fund has raised over $2 million in 25 years of activity, and has disbursed more than $1.5 million of this already to more than 35 organizations, charities, agencies and programs that have asked for our help.  It maintains and invests significant cash reserves to be ready to help others quickly and flexibly as needed.

As with many Foundations, the RGC Fund operates entirely independently of the four Rotary Clubs in Guelph, with its own charter, charitable registration number, Board of Directors, policies and by-laws.  It maintains strict financial standards and works within the codes and protocols of the Canada Revenue Agency.  Your gift is honored, stewarded and protected by the RGC Fund to ensure that it is used as you would wish.

Our Charitable Registration Number under the Canadian Income Tax Act is NO.0816678-63

Receipts will be issued for $20 or more.


Donate online now!