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Quietly Making A Difference in Guelph and Wellington County for Decades

Guelph and Wellington County have been independently rated among the most caring areas of Canada. The RGC Fund has played a significant role in the development of that reputation.   We’ve helped thousands of local donors to contribute funds that build this great community. Donors just like you. And, because of those donations, chances are good that you, or someone you know well, has benefitted from the work of the organizations and services we support.

We’re run entirely by volunteers so our operating expenses are minimal. That means your donation has maximum impact on the lives of others who need help.

And - our ability to MATCH YOUR DONATION adds even more impact!

We’re the RGC Fund of the Rotary Club of Guelph Charitable Foundation – Helping You Make a Difference


To solicit, prudently manage and allocate funds entrusted to it to provide support for long term projects which enhance the quality of life, primarily of a capital nature and primarily in our local community. The RGC Fund will accomplish this within the philosophical framework of Rotary. 

BHENY has installed 144 sound field systems in 10 schools, trained 230 teachers, administrators & counsellors and presented Hearing Fairs for approximately 1,925 children, parents and guests In Nunavut.

- The BHENY Committee

The Skov Auditorium hums every day! Seniors spend thousands of hours in Line Dancing, Shuffleboard, Darts, Badminton, Pickleball, Table Tennis, Friday Dances, events like the Christmas Variety Show and so much more.

- Dorothe Fair, President, Guelph Wellington Seniors’ Association

Small charities such as Sunrise could never accomplish their goals without support from Rotary and members take a personal and keen interest in the impact made by Sunrise on those we serve . We value this longstanding partnership.

- Ann Caine, President, Sunrise Equestrian Centre

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